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Kiwanis Club of Beaufort

In addition to being a talented artist, Nancy Rhett is also quite the historian. Her family's long presence in the Lowcountry has provided her with a wealth of knowledge and experience that she enjoys sharing with others. On July 11, 2019 she was asked to speak at a breakfast meeting for the Beaufort chapter of the Kiwanis Club. She spoke briefly about her time growing up in an area referred to as Gardens Corner. This area was a popular stopping point for vacationers during the late 40's all the way through the early 70's. Unfortunately as with many small towns, as progress increased foot traffic for the business located in Gardens Corner decreased. Where a hotel and restaurant once stood, is now a four lane highway. The local grocery store and gas station is now a tourist spot selling tasty treats. The only thing that remains the same is a line of live oak trees that were planted by Nancy's father, George Ricker, when he and Nancy's mother owned the hotel and restaurant. To preserve as much of the history as possible Nancy shares the stories of her time growing up in community that has often described as a family. Many of the members of the Kiwanis Club of Beaufort not only remember Gardens Corner as it was, but grew up there themselves.

Continuing this rich tradition of community and family, the Kiwanis Club of Beaufort is dedicated to assisting and educating children not just locally, internationally as well. If you have a moment click the link below and browse their website to see all the amazing programs this wonderful group of people offer the youth in our community.

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